The General Assembly of H2020 project UNITED took place on 8-10 February 2021, entirely online.
The project is about developing intentional shared use of maritime space and resources, by studying multi-use on 5 pilot-sites. These pilots combine several offshore economic activities, such as aquaculture (fish, flat oysters, and blue mussels), wind farm, floating solar, seaweed cultivation and tourism (diving in the Mediterranean Sea, boat tours in the Baltic).

ACTeon takes part in the project among 25 other partners, with specific missions:

  • The coordination of the work on the societal impact and stakeholder engagement
  • The optimisation of business cases
  • The socio-economic assessment
  • Communication and dissemination

After one year of work, the General Assembly allowed to discuss collectively strategic issues for the involvement of external stakeholders in the project, such as designing a coordinated and streamlined stakeholder engagement plan, and precise the content for a series of training workshops that aim to transfer knowledge and encourage uptake of UNITED’s results.

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