This week is SIM4Nexus final project meeting. All presentations and group works are organized online and 50 partners are connected simultaneously.

As there is only 4 months left before the project ends, discussions focused on :

  • Taking stock of lessons learnt throughout the 4 years of collaboration
  • Identifying innovations, added-values and key messages from SIM4Nexus
  • Formulating policy recommendations towards a more resource-efficient and low-C economy
  • Working on the visualization tools to represent the Nexus interlinkages

ACTeon is present to share feedback on Nexus work in the Upper-Rhine region and to reflect on the project’s legacy.

ACTeon could present policy recommendations to make the energy transition more Nexus-compliant in the Upper-Rhine region, sparking discussions with other Nexus experts in Czech Republic, Slovakia, The UK and The Netherlands. ACTeon also facilitated an online brainstorm session on the added-values of our project and a web-poll software was used to rank the audience’s contributions.

Providing clear guidance, early trials of tools and shared documents are key to the success of these online events. Though we all missed sharing a drink after the intensive collaborative work, we were proud that the conference’s objectives could still be achieved.

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