Transversal expertise

In all of its projects, ACTeon is fully committed to an exemplary coordination, an appropriate communication, and the seeking of innovative tools and methods.

ACTeon commits to respect the following principles:

  • Give its customers legitimate guarantees regarding the services they pay for;
  • Control the various stages during the carrying out of the projects;
  • Use the necessary human and technical resources;
  • Provide transparency towards clients.

    ACTeon is strict regarding these principles. Each project is supported by a team led by an experienced leader who coordinates the work and is in relation with the sponsor.

    To best meet the needs of a project, ACTeon regularly engages in the constitution of consortia of partners with complementary skills according to an effective coordination.

    During the carrying out of its projects, ACTeon maintains an effective management by carefully monitoring:

    • Support for the organization, facilitation and if necessary secretarial services of the meetings;
    • Regular exchanges with the sponsor on the framing and monitoring of projects;
    • Preparation and sending of documents before or following the steering committees;
    • Consultation of stakeholders involved in the projects;
    • Preparation of various reports, interim and final documents of quality;
    • Use of communication tools for exchanges (ACTeon Cloud, Skype, conference calls …).
      For each project, ACTeon develops an adapted and unique methodology based on its expertise and experience. The project team draws on methods and tools already developed and proven. It also develops tools and methods specific to the topics it deals with, seeking as much as needs to be innovative, also drawing on external expertise through partnerships.