Internal sustainable development

In a sense of respect for the environment and rational use of resources, ACTeon is committed today to internalize the principles of sustainable development in its operations, to monitor its greenhouse emissions and water consumption.

developement durable

Operationally, it has the following implications:

  • limited traveling and optimized use of electronic means of communication (telephone, video conferencing, etc.);
  • optimized use of public transport (train, bus, subway) to participate in project activities;
  • a commuting promoting soft transport (walking, cycling, public transport);
  • limited use of paper, printing on recycled paper and on both sides of the paper privileged;
  • systematic use of “eco-supplies” with low ecological footprint;
  • recycling at the office.

Greenhouse gas emissions’ reports per project are being developed. A first test has been initiated for a project developed on behalf of ADEME and compared to the overall results of ACTeon activities. This citizen-based approach aims to progressively raise awareness amongst partners and customers of ACTeon about these challenges. It also seeks to identify medium-term practical solutions that will reduce emissions while ensuring the establishment of personalized relationships with sponsors (requiring in particular a minimum number of face-to-face meetings) and a quality service that meets their expectations.