How best to integrate the (EU & national) policies to deliver the best outcome in terms of the state of #MarineEcosystems?

A simple question but… many challenges and types of solutions depending on…  the marine ecosystem challenges you face; your area(s) of interest; the geographic scale at which you operate; your own roles and responsibilities; the institutional framework under which you operate… and many more.

Still… important to share experiences and solutions … to discover the light(s) that can guide to better outcomes! This was the (modest) ambition of our e-workshop « Ensure coherent implementation of public policies relating to the protection and use of #marineecosystems in the French Mediterranean Sea » that took place on April 18.
Co-organised by ACTeon environment and Agence de l’eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse within the framework of the #HorizonEurope CrossGovProject
Benefiting from inspiring experiences of Pierre Boissery (land-sea interface) Sylvain Blouet (#MSFD, #WFD and HabitatDirective integration at local MPA scale) Olivier Laroussinie (#MSPD, economic development: #fisheries, #energy, #biodiversity).
Some takeaways ?
A disconnect between terrestrial and marine policies requiring novel administrative arrangements to break the siloes
A too complex regulatory framework with conflicting obligations that require smart juggling by local players (to address their local societal problems
The absence of strong drivers (e.g. use rights, financial instruments…) to steer the use of marine space and resources towards sustainability and marine protection.
Anticipation still in its infancy with climate change not yet operationalised in policies
What comes next ? Disseminate the lessons learned from our CrossGov workshop and research. Continue learning from experiences at all scales to identify commonalities and differences. Set synergies with other research projects Regina-MSP, PERMAGOV, MSP4BIO to share, confront and bring the conversation up.
Stay tuned: more to come to contribute to the policy integration coherence marine conversation