After four years, the Horizon2020 project LANDSUPPORT (2018-2022) reached an end and its final results were presented during a closing conference at the University of Naples, in April 2022. Through LANDSUPPORT, a web-based, free and open-access GeoSpatial Decision Support System was developed, in order to support sustainable agriculture and forestry, evaluate trade-off between land uses and contribute to the development and implementation of land use policies in Europe.

One special feature of the project was the involvement of stakeholders and potential future end-users through a series of testing and technical dissemination workshops (also known as a living lab), in 3 European countries (Austria, Hungary and Italy). An evaluation report of this involvement process in the LANDSUPPORT project is now available, building on the experience and feedbacks of LANDSUPPORT partners and workshop organisers.

The report particularly focuses on the lessons learnt from the project and gives a practical guidance to readers for future projects.

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