Today, let’s discover about the LIFE Natur’Adapt Project! Within the framework of the Program for Environment and Climate Action (LIFE Program). With this program, the European Commission supports demonstration, capacity building, governance projects. This includes large scale Strategic Integrated Projects and Strategic Nature projects, which support the implementation of environmental and climate plans, as well as programs and strategies developed at regional, multi-regional or national level.

Withing this framework, ACTeon goal is to achieve and adapt nature protection to the challenges of climate change in Europe on the basis of dynamic collective learning. The lead beneficiaries of this project are France-based actor: Réserves Naturelles de France.

ACTeon’s role in the project are multiple, with 4 missions through the 5 years of the LIFE duration:

  • Facilitation of the 4 seminars of the LIFE project
  • Study of the current consideration of climate change in local to European planification frameworks and intersectoral policies on biodiversity
  • Monitoring and socioeconomic evaluation of the results of LIFE Natur’Adapt
  • Sociological approach of behaviour changes and support to the learning process

From the team…

Manon Berge, sociologist at ACTeon:
“The sociology mission aimed to monitor the learning process of people participating in the LIFE project, and strengthen it by giving regular feedback to the participants on their evolution. These iteration loops took a diversity of forms: 3 steps of survey, the results of which were presented at each seminar, observation and “mirror notes” during the seminars, regular interviews with the project stakeholders (starting with the LIFE coordinators, beneficiaries, and enlarging progressively to other circles) and online workshops. We created time and space for reflexive thinking, which is a crucial part of the path all Natur’Adapt practitioners are experiencing !
The sociology mission worked in great complementarity with the seminar facilitation mission, in which my colleagues successfully inspired creativity and collective work through a wide range of cocreation activities.
In my opinion, the LIFE Natur’Adapt is an undeniable success, as it managed to empower its practitioners. I am confident it will have a strong impact on the management of protected areas in Europe and is an important contribution to the necessary adaptation of our societies to the new climate reality.”