We are thrilled to unveil our latest publication, a policy brief titled “Assessing the Added Value of Marine Multi-Use within H2020United pilots.”Dive into the core question: Is the Marine Multi-Use strategy the future of sustainable marine utilization? This critical inquiry underpins a recent economic assessment conducted in collaboration with UNITED pilots.The goal was two-fold: dissect the current and potential future value of Multi-Use colocations and explore how existing marine uses and touristic opportunities can be elevated through Multi-Use settings.
This exploration involved a meticulous assessment of the trade-offs associated with Multi-Use options versus potential single-use alternatives. The study considered all significant impacts, from positive externalities like marine habitat creation to potential constraints on access for other marine uses.Feel free to explore the full policy brief by clicking on the link below. Let’s continue shaping the future of sustainable marine practices together! 

Link to the publication