Today, let’s dive into the “Entreprises engagées pour la Nature” Project!

This is the French version of the International Biodiversity program “Act for Nature”. It targets to enroll the largest number of corporates to commit to biodiversity conservation. To commit to the program, a corporate has to carry out a deep analysis of its negative impacts on ecosystems throughout its supply chain and deposit an action plan that should significantly reduce its pressures on biodiversity according to the 5 IPBES drivers: land use change, climate change, natural resources overexploitation, pollutions, invasive species.

ACTeon carries out the assessment of the action plan 2 years after implementation in order to rate the level of commitment and the reduction of the negative impacts reduction on nature.

From the team…

Joëlle Munari, Project manager Environmental strategy and biodiversity at ACTeon:

While corporates have now well integrated climate challenges, biodiversity erosion issues are still at their early stage. This programme shows how biodiversity protection is now going beyond the public arena and reaching out to the private sector that is the first concerned, as corporates economic interests are deeply related to biodiversity conservation. Given that there is no indicator measuring biodiversity impacts, the analysis is done on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the geographical footprint. What is important is to prevent greenwashing and the most interesting part is to investigate what is beyond the action plan and tracing supply chains up to natural resources extracted by the companies, in order to assess whether the actions are dully sized and in line with the negative impacts on biodiversity.

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