Towards balanced public policies for the efficient use of resources in the Upper Rhine region
Issues and options

In a current context of growing concerns about the need for more efficient use of natural resources and the fight against climate change, it is essential to ensure the coherence between policies and strategies in the fields of water, agriculture & food, energy, land use and the fight against climate change.

This coherence implies the identification and quantification of mutual influences between policies in these areas in order to:

Promote synergies between policies through the implementation of (multifunctional) projects and solutions that can benefit several policies (e.g., circular economy approaches)

Rethink policies with possible antagonistic effects that can lead to inefficient use of public budgets (e.g., mobilizing public funds to offset the negative effects of policies on another)

This workshop – co-organized by ACTeon and the Association de Prospective Rhénane as part of the European SIM4Nexus project – will be an opportunity to exchange on the limits and opportunities of existing policies, as well as on the solutions to be implemented to strengthen their coherence based on research results and testimonies from stakeholders of the Upper Rhine, the Grand Est and Baden-Württemberg regions. The workshop will alternate interactive working groups and plenary sessions.

Researchers, operational staff, experts, stakeholders from the civil society, join us, share your experiences and participate in exchanges!